06 September 2016

Black Ops 3 / DLC Zombies - Visual Effects Demo Reel

2015-2016 Highlight Reel
VFX Shot List: (All Effects produced within proprietary software)
-Structure Explosions, Environment Effects
-Structure Explosions,Structure Fires, Environment Effects
-Shaft Explosion
-Structure Fire/Smoke
-Underwater Effects
-Prop Explosion and Splashes
-Prop Explosion and Splashes
-Structure Explosions and Vehicle Explosion
-Dragon Landing Effect
-Effects for entire animation sequence
-Underwater effects
-Laser Eye effect
-Environment effects
-Effects for entire Dragon land, taking off and flying animation sequence
-Water Splash effects
-Water Splash effects for animation
-Boat destruction
-Weapon effect
-Weapon effect
-Zombie Mech effects
-Zombie Mech effects
-Environment effects, Animation explosion effects
-Re-timed Destruction Smoke/Debris
-Portal effects, environment effects
- Environment effects, Event driven effects
-Skull weapon effects
-Underwater effects
-Environment/Waterfall effects
-Passage way appearing effect
-Teleport prop effects -Larva birth effects
-Thunder Weapon effect
-Splash effects
-Water effects
-Destruction dust effects
-Underwater effect, Underwater explosions
-Underwater Environment effects
-Exterior destruction, Water splashes, explosions

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