10 April 2017

VFX Demo Reel 2016-2017

VFX Shot List:
-SuperGirl:Ground Destruct,Ground Fire,Ground Smoke (3DSMAX, Pflow, Rayfire, FumeFX)
-Flash:Ground Scorch,Ground Fire (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-DC's Legends of Tomorrow:Ground Gravel Trail (3DSMAX, Pflow, FumeFX)
-SuperGirl:Background Meteors (3DSMAX, Pflow, FumeFX)
-Flash: ColdGun Effect (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-DC's Legends of Tomorrow:Firestorm Effect (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-DC's Legends of Tomorrow:HeatGun Effect (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-DC's Legends of Tomorrow:Atmospheric Entrance Effect on Waverider (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-SuperGirl:Smoke Grenade Explosion (3DSMAX, Pflow, FumeFX)
-SuperGirl:Dust Impact Trail, Debris Impact Trail (3DSMAX, Pflow, FumeFX)
-SuperGirl:Foreground Explosion (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-SuperGirl:Electrical Effect (3DSMAX, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa))
-SuperGirl:Kryptonic Chest Ray Effect (3DSMAX, FumeFX)
-Flash:Glass Destruction(3DSMAX, Rayfire)
-SuperGirl:Bot Swarm Effects (3DSMAX, Pflow)

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